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Files Added 9/3/2001
 Parkan_Iron_Strategy_Trailer.avi (Parkan: Iron Strategy)
Parkan: Iron Strategy Trailer

Files Added 9/2/2001
 New_World_Order_Technology_Demo.exe (New World Order)
New World Order Technology Demo (Blink format) (World of Warcraft)
World of Warcraft ECTS 2001 Cinematic Trailer (Quicktime format)

Files Added 8/31/2001
 Project_Eden_Trailer.mpg (Project Eden)
Project Eden Trailer

 Projecy_Eden_Intro.avi (Project Eden)
Project Eden Intro

 Rogue_Spear _Black_Thorn _Teaser.avi (Rogue Spear: Black Thorn)
Rogue Spear: Black Thorn Teaser (Warrior Kings)
Warrior Kings Trailer

Files Added 8/13/2001 (Civilization III)
Civilization III E3 Teaser (QuickTime format)

 Civilization_III_E3_Teaser.wmv (Civilization III)
Civilization III E3 Teaser (Windows Media format)

 Civilization_III_screensaver_1024_x_768.EXE (Civilization III)
Civilization III Screensaver (1024 x 768)