Currently in development, Atriarch is a 3-D, massively-multiplayer online, persistent game depicting life on the alien and organic world of Atriana.

These are the features which have always been a part of Atriarch's vision for a unique, immersive, and compelling experience...

Truly Massive - Join hundreds of thousands of other beings in exploring and cohabitating the spherical planet of Atriana which covers over 1 million square kilometers of surface area.

Player Housing and Customized Player Construction - Build your own home in exquisite detail, or a whole town, or perhaps become famous for pioneering your own architectural style. You can sell your designs to other players who would rather focus their efforts elsewhere.

RPG and Strategy and Empire Building all integrated into one cohesive game world. Build an empire. Run the local market. Adventure through the untamed wilderness. It's the best of all worlds.

Choose a Simple Path or a Complex Path - Live a simple life and enjoy the basic and fun gameplay Atriarch has to offer; or dive deep into the politics and story while trying to expand your characters influence. Either way, Atriarch will provide a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

Persistent Characters - Whether you have 1 hour a week or 20 hours a week to play Atriarch, your character will always have the opportunity to make progress, even when you are offline. You no longer need to worry about everyone passing you up just because you don't have as much time to play as someone else. Practice skills, gather resources, travel, or decide to play it safe. The choice is yours.

Dynamic Quests - Quests will be meaningful events, extension of political, economic, environmental, or personal factors. As Atriana changes, so does its needs and its means to achieve those needs. Quests will take many forms, from legendary to obscure, and from massive to unique. Adventure is never far from those who seek it... and in some cases it may follow you home.

Advance Your Character without Killing - If you prefer a more peaceful lifestyle, then your character can advance and build up cities without the need to kill. Atriarch will have robust trade skills for the craftsman.

Players Affect the Environment and Story - You can't change the past, but player actions can change the future of Atriana's environment, story, and politics. The future of an alien world is in your hands.

Support for Factions & Guilds - Band with your allies to create minor and major factions. Work as a team or as an individual.

Riding Creatures and Air Transports - Your character can travel by riding on any of a host of unique creatures, including ones that soar through the air, slither on the ground, or gallop across the plains.

Fun & Exciting Combat - There are several fighting styles your character can learn, each with its own unique set of fighting moves. You can set your character to auto fight or control each individual maneuver.

Atriana is a Round World and No Zones - if you had enough time, you could walk completely around the world while gazing into a real horizon and never pass through a zone once. You never have to zone even to go underground, into the air, or into a building. When we say seamless, we mean it!
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Date Gold11/15/2001
Date Released11/15/2001
# of Playersa bunch
DeveloperWorld Fusion
PublisherWorld Fusion

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