Necrocide: The Dead Must Die

Necrocide: The Dead Must Die

Humans are expendable. Four powerful vampires have found a way to survive without consuming our blood. They have raised and animated the dead, creating a diverse army of zombies whose only purpose is to kill. That’s where you come in…

  • Furious Gameplay - A first-person shooter that moves at a frantic pace.
  • Original Enemies - Fight necromancers and zombies each with their own mode of combat.
  • Disturbing Realms - Explore detailed indoor and elaborate outdoor environments, from thick, dark jungles to an insane asylum.
  • Weapons and Powers - Charge through the undead ranks using stylized weapons and acquired vampire powers.
  • Incredible Artwork - Characters designed by renowned fantasy artist Brom.
  • Multiplayer - Battle the living dead in large-scale multiplayer environments on NovaWorld.
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Date Gold3/1/2002
Date Released3/1/2002
# of Players8

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