New World Order

New World Order
New World Order is a team-based multiplayer game where teams battle out heavily in environments that could be taken right out of an action movie. It's a fast paced action simulator with attitude.

When you need a break from the Frag-feast multiplayer chaos start up a single mission or a co-op mission with some of your friends and go into the single player experience with mission based sneak, seek and destroy missions.

Choose the team that you feel is the best for you and eliminate the other. Defend high-tech labs, storm mansions or make a surprise attack at the warehouse on the docks and many more scenarios.

Choose the Global Assault Team (GAT) with it's excellent weapon options and tactical information or join the evil side with all it's bad attitude and home turf advantage.

There are 5 character classes to choose from, all with different strengths and weaknesses.

Explosives expert
Close-combat expert
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Date Gold3/1/2002
Date Released3/1/2002
# of Players16
DeveloperTermite Games
PublisherProject Three Interactive

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