Warrior Kings

Warrior Kings
Imagine a column of pike-men marching onto the field; they shift rapidly into a line formation, bracing to meet the charge of a speeding wedge of Knights. At the bone-crunching moment of impact, the line bows and buckles as the cavalry ram home, then a formation of archers, wheeling and sweeping down the hill fire volleys of arrows into the rearing horses. The sound of battle cries and clashing steel turn to panic as the sky darkens and a swarm of demonic monstrosities fall upon the cowering humans, some diving like raptors, then leaping into the sky, carrying off human cargo to serve their evil lords.

You are a Warrior King!

Set in a fantastical medieval world where warlords struggle for supremacy in a chaotic land of knights and demons, you are the ruler of a new kingdom, born from the ashes of a once great realm. To restore this land to its former glory, you must forge order out of chaos by uniting these fragmented kingdoms into a single, mighty empire under the rule of one warrior king - you.

But first you must secure your own kingdom. Build castles and great, sprawling cities to master the land, harness and exploit your resources to build and sustain your economic power and military strength, research new technologies, such as gunpowder and greek fire, use spies and mercenaries, priests and merchants, ships and engines of war, to outwit and defeat your foe. Make and break alliances as you see fit, use formations and battle tactics to achieve victory - send your cavalry around the flanks of the enemies army, control the high ground to dominate terrain, lure the enemy into ambushes, destroy the massed knights of your opponent with pikemen and archers! You will also have to master the skills of siege warfare to triumph as you send catapults and siege towers against the enemy, and watch as your troops swarm over the walls and storm the enemy city, all in full, glorious 3d.

But there is one final twist on the path to glory for a Warrior King - eventually you must choose between a path - Imperial, Pagan or Renaissance. Will you follow the pious Imperial path and build upon the power of the church so you can call down Acts of God upon your foes, like fire from heaven, pestilence and plague? Or will you embrace Pagan gods and summon mighty beasts from the Underworld, empowering your forces with Talismans and magic Rituals? Or will you choose the path of knowledge, and use science to dominate the world? Once the path is chosen, there is no going back. The choice is yours - for one end, one rule, one Warrior King!
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Date Gold2/1/2002
Date Released2/8/2002
# of Players8
DeveloperBlack Cactus

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