Parkan: Iron Strategy

Parkan: Iron Strategy
Iron Strategy takes place far in the future when a series of portals called the Labyrinth were discovered that connect planets in distant star systems. Colonization of these worlds by corporations leads to war with the rebel Vindigo ruling the Labyrinth. You are the sole survivor and the captain of the cruiser Parkan that was sent to dispatch Vindigo. As the captain, you are both an active participant and strategist for your troops in this 3D warbot, real-time strategy game. Build warbots and bases to best support your offensive against Vindigo.

How many people play RPG/Strategy games and wish at times that you could click on one of your soldiers and jump into First Person Mode and just be part of the action? Nikita Interactive obviously thought the same thing when they started on PARKAN : IRON STRATEGY. A cross between Mech Warrior and Warcraft, PARKAN gives you the best of both worlds. With vivid graphics and tons of gameplay, this is a game for fans of both Strategy and FPS.  So grab the demo and give it a whirl and look forward to the release in October.

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Date Gold3/1/2002
Date Released3/1/2002
# of Players4
DeveloperNikita Interactive
PublisherMonte Cristo

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