Deadly Dozen

Deadly Dozen
Deadly Dozen throws PC gamers into a world ravaged by Nazi Germany at the height of WWII, one of the most intense periods of modern history. With movie-like action and both first and third person views gamers can relive the drama.

Deadly Dozen consists of ten missions set in the German occupied territories throughout Europe and North Africa. Each mission begins with a debriefing session and assembling your team from twelve misfits who were unable to confirm to the structure and regulations of the United States Army. You and your squad of renegades embark on missions so sensitive the regular Army considers them suicide assignments.

Game Features
  • Ten challenging missions in war-torn Western Europe and North Africa Occupied France, Libya, Norway, Holland, Belgium and Germany.
  • Partake in some of the most famous battles of WWII: Operation Torch, the D-Day Invasion, Operation Market Garden, The Battle of the Bulge and the Crossing on the Rhine River.
  • Authentic WWII weapons, vehicles, equipment and uniforms.
  • Weapons include the M1 Garand, Springfield sniper rife, bazooka and Thompson sub-machine gun, Schmeisser sub-machine gun, Panzershrek and Luger pistol.
  • Vehicles include the famous Tiger tank, motorcycle with side car and German half-track.
  • Realistic environments such as tall grass, bushes, trees, demolished buildings, water, smoke.
  • Virtual weather effects such as fog, rain and snow.
  • Authentic hazards such as minefields, barbed wire and beach obstacles encountered during D-Day.
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Date Gold10/16/2001
Date Released11/2/2001
# of Players1
DevelopernFusion Interactive
PublisherInfogrames, Inc.

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