Every family bickers... and the Olympian gods of ancient Greece were no exception!

In Pantheon, you assume the role of one or more mythical Greek gods, and contend with the others for worshipers. Each god has a unique personality, and interacts with followers in his or her own way. For example, Artemis lends aid to hunters, and gains strength when the population takes to hunting for food. Followers of Ares will amass arms and engage their enemies in open conflict, and so on.

Players must attend to development of the gods' characters and the worshipers' civilization: Command mighty heroes, loyal priests, and savage beasts. Construct buildings to expand your followers' culture. Your increasingly powerful gods will encourage the growth of an entire civilization. Pantheon is a real-time strategy game, but you can pause the action to give orders, allowing ample planning time.
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Date Gold1/1/2002
Date Released1/1/2002
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