Empire Earth

Empire Earth
From Prehistory to the Nano Age of the 22nd Century, Empire Earth serves up RTS on an epic scale.

Command history's best known civilizations such as the Greeks, English, French, or Germans, or create and customize your own from scores of unique attributes. Colonize or conquer surrounding territories and establish new settlements. Plan and build walled towns and city-states. Construct Temples and Hospitals to protect and enhance your growing empire. Town Centers inspire defenders to fight harder and can be transformed into powerful Capitols. Wood, gold, iron and other natural resources provide the raw materials for expansion, while intelligent citizens keep your economy running smoothly. Over a dozen technology tracks offer numerous opportunities for further advancement.

Train more than 200 types of combat units from every era in history, including Earth's future. Instantly enhance the combat abilities of your troops with specific improvements. Lead your armies to glorious victory with the help of Charlemagne, Cromwell, and other great heroes from yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Carry out surprise assaults in the dead of night. Attack unsuspecting enemies with stealthy submarines and aircraft. Soften up an enemy position with artillery fire, carpet bombing, or off-shore shelling. Wage epic air battles with over 30 types of aircraft such as Sopwith Camels, Spitfires, F-15s, Apache Gunships, and B-2 Bombers. Fight massive naval engagements with more than 40 kinds of ships, including 16th Century ships-of-the-line, U-boats, and modern aircraft carriers. Train colossal Mechs to fight the battles of the future.

In Empire Earth, the military option is just one possible path to victory. Convert an enemy's citizens with furtive priests. Instruct a prophet to invoke devastating calamities such as volcanoes, earthquakes, and plagues. Or demonstrate your civilization's superiority by constructing Wonders of the World. Each Wonder endows your civilization with a special ability, such as the power of self-healing or mass-conversions.
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Date Gold11/5/2001
Date Released11/13/2001
# of Players16
DeveloperStainless Steel Studios
PublisherSierra Studios

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