Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology is the next iteration in real-time strategy game development from Ensemble Studios, the developers of Age of Empires and Age of Empires II (both published by Microsoft).

The setting of Age of Mythology is long ago, when legend and myth were real. Players are the guiding spirits of one civilization, employing heroes, cultural resources, soldier armies, the favor of gods, and rare mythological creatures to dominate the world.

Civilizations come from three cultures: Egyptian, Greek, and Norse. Choosing particular gods for your pantheon influences various economic and military abilities of your civilization, plus which god powers (earthquakes, meteor showers, etc.) and which mythological creatures (Cyclops, medusae, minotaurs, etc.) you can summon.

Age of Mythology takes stunning advantage of its all-new 3D technology to present realistic worlds, eye-popping special effects, and in-game cinematics that seamlessly drive the ambitious single player campaign.

Age of Mythology carries forward the elements that have distinguished all Ensemble Studios games so far, while adding new refreshing new features and innovations.

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Date Gold4/1/2002
Date Released4/1/2002
# of Players12
DeveloperEnsemble Studios

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