Sovereign is the first ever Massively Multiplayer RTS. It enters the market with a new take on the ever emerging genre and adds new depth and value that has yet to be considered. With games from the past such as Diplomacy, Command & Conquer and Civilization, Sovereign will take the players on an empire conquest that will consume their every waking moment. Construction of cities, airbases, seaports, massive armies, air attacks, to nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and the consequences that come with each decision, Sovereign is a game played on a grand scale. Empires are built and maintained, armies are marched across vast deserts and plains to aid in the battle of your allies. Sovereign is a RTS with real world situations and units that are worth more then the cost of production. New technologies that increase the resources that your cities can hold to satellite technology allowing you to spy on other empires, Sovereign offers a variety of choices for the players. The world in scale to other RTS games blow the competition out of the water, and with the engine comes the exceptional gameplay that customers have grown to love from Verant.
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Date Gold3/1/2002
Date Released3/1/2002
# of Playersa bunch
DeveloperVerant Interactive

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