Unreal II

Unreal II
Unreal II is the sequel to the original Unreal and takes place in the same fictional universe - but the main player character and the locations are different than those found in the first game.

As the player, you are the lone representative of the Law in a distant sector of space. You patrol your beat in the creaky but serviceable starship Atlantis, a former military escort vessel that was decommissioned and retrofitted for civil government service long ago. You are accompanied by a support crew of three: Ne'Ban is your trusty alien pilot, Isaak is an engineer who keeps the ship running, and Aida acts as your Intelligence officer - she monitors the situation in the sector, keeps you up to date, and briefs you before you leave the Atlantis to go on a planetary mission.
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Date Gold4/1/2002
Date Released4/1/2002
# of Players16
PublisherEpic Games

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