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Game Msgs
Age of Empires 2 : Conquerers Edition 85 
Age of Mythology
Anarchy Online
Battle Realms
Black and White 10 
Civilization III
Dark Age of Camelot
Desperados - Wanted Dead or Alive
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Duke Nukem Forever
Empire Earth 125 
EVE: The Second Genesis
Evil Dead: Hail To The King 15 
Half-Life: Blue Shift 12 
Max Payne 36 
Motor City Online 16 
Myth III: The Wolf Age
No One Lives Forever 21 
Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
PlanetSide 23 
Project Eden
Red Faction
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 47 
Serious Sam 54 
Severance: Blade Of Darkness
Star Wars Galaxies
Stronghold 18 
Trade Empires
Tribes 2 13 
Unreal Tournament 467 
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos 17 
World of Warcraft 18 
World War III: Black Gold
This list shows game forums that have messages posted in them. If it's not listed here, it doesn't yet have any postings. But you can certainly start one!