Aliens Vs. Predator 2 Goes Gold
A-KO, [News] 10/20/2001 10:15:00 PM CST
Aliens Vs. Predator 2 has gone Gold according to this GameSpot article. More information on the game and a link to the downloadable demo can be found can be obtained at our Aliens Vs. Predator 2 page. A roundup of the new features include:
  • Play as Alien, Predator, or a Colonial Marine-each armed unique new weapons and abilities
  • 21 intense single player missions set in 3 interlocking
    story lines
  • New Highly Detailed Environments
  • 32 Bit animated light mapping
  • Lithtech Engine
  • Powerful new abilities and weapons.

You can preoder the game here, it ships on 10/30/01.

GBG New Redesign
Zoob, [SYSTEM] 10/19/2001 1:19:00 PM CST
The redesign is complete! Let me know what you think. Send an email to and voice your opinion.
Warcraft III Preview Update
A-KO, [News] 10/17/2001 3:29:00 PM CST
I was doing some digging on Blizzard's site and found the following information on the game. The info is dated 10/16/01 so it's pretty new.
  • Four Unique Races - Orcs, Humans, Undead, Nightelves
  • Warcraft 3 3D Engine - Unique engine developed by Blizzard for use for the game.
  • Expanded Multiplayer - Players can battle it out over with up to 12 players per game.
  • 3D Card Support - Takes advantage of the high end 3d card support for users to experience the game like never before.
  • Legendary Heroes - Lead powerful armies and gain experience points. They have the ability to gain levels and learn new spells.
  • Special Items - Legendary Heroes can carry up to 4 special items in a small inventory. They can grant abilities for offensive and defensive attacks, heal units, or increase specific statistics.
  • Neutral Buildings - Users can buy mercenaries, buy and sell items, and heal nearby units.
  • Neutral Units - Creeps are hostile that can be killed for Mana stones, Critters are normal creatures such as sheep.
  • Huge Spell List
  • Advanced World Editor - Players can customize tile sets, character art, quests, mission objectives, unit types, AI, attributes, special abilities and spells.

There is a bit more information over at Blizzard's Warcraft 3 Features page.

Warcraft III Preview
A-KO, [News] 10/17/2001 11:43:00 AM CST
Gamespot has put up a preview of the upcoming Blizzard RTS, Warcraft III. Sounds like a pretty interesting addition to the Warcraft world to me...Then again I only played WC1 so I'm sure this would go far beyond anything I remember. Some little things that I've read about in this so far.

  • Kodo Beast - Creature that devours anything and if killed before swallowing, the swallowed creatures survive.
  • Wolf Riders - Has the ability to hurl nets at enemies and stopping them.
  • Tauren Chieftain Leader - Shockwave ability causes a ripple effect in the ground and destroys any enemy in its path.

There's a ton of information on there related to more attacks and other creatures, check it out.  More information on this great game can be seen at our Warcraft III Reign of Chaos page. Thanks BluesNews.

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
A-KO, [News] 10/16/2001 4:33:00 AM CST
I saw over at Voodoo Extreme that Adrenaline Vault has a preview of the upcoming sequal to the hit 3D "tribute to Doom" game, Serious Sam. Here are some of the features being implemented in the sequel:
  • Three new environments: South America, Babylon, and the Middle Ages
  • 12 new single-player maps
  • Three new weapons: Chainsaw, flame-thrower, and sniper-rifle
  • Assorted new enemies
  • Seriously Warped deathmatch mod
  • Co-operative gameplay through single-player levels
  • Graphical enhancements such as grass for greater visual detail
  • Epic final battle against Mental
  • Standalone SKU that does not require the first game
  • Same price as the first game: $19.99
Ghost Recon
Zoob, [Game News] 10/14/2001 8:12:00 PM CST
UbiSoft and Red Storm Entertainment are coming out with another Tom Clancy game, Ghost Recon. Here's the synapsis: Russia has fallen under the control of ultra-nationalistic leaders intent on rebuilding the Iron Curtain. This leads to conflict with NATO as Russia attempts to reclaim the breakaway republic of Georgia, and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As the war escalates, casualties mount, hostages are taken and the Ghosts are sent in.
Stronghold Demo Available
Tack, [News] 10/13/2001 5:52:00 PM CST
I saw over at God Games that they have released a demo of their upcoming castle-building strategy game, Stronghold. When you go to download the demo, it will ask you for your e-mail address. By giving them your e-mail address, you will be automatically be entered into the Dream Machine for the Dream Castle Giveaway. One lucky winner will win a top-of-the-line computer system from Alienware. The contest expires on 11/5/2001. If you don't want to enter the contest, then enter "no" in the e-mail field.
Poll Results: Most Anticipated Game
Zoob, [Info] 10/13/2001 5:12:00 PM CST
The results of the "Most Anticipated Game" poll are in: The winner, is Planetside - with 33% (161 votes). Next up is Empire Earth, getting 20% (97 votes). The remainders are: Star Wars Galaxies at 16% (77 votes), Age of Mythology with 14% (69 votes), and Other getting 16% (79 votes). Make sure you make your voice heard with the current poll now!
Scratch Sketches Tack
Zoob, [Fun] 10/13/2001 4:30:00 PM CST
Scratch threw together a sketch of our man Tack not so long ago. Tack has been using it as his avatar, but I figured it might be a good idea to show off the talent of our man Scratch, and let everyone see this nice drawing. In case anyone is wondering, Tack is wicked good with the mini-gun in Unreal Tournament. That's what this picture is all about.

Click the image for the fullsize picture of it.
Files Section
Zoob, [System] 10/13/2001 2:38:00 PM CST
I just corrected an error in the files/downloads section that prevented downloads. Sheesh! How am I supposed to know things aren't working if people don't speak up!? :-)

It's all fixed now. Also, have a look at this neat picture from Worlds of Warcraft!

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