Disclaimer: Gone Blind Gaming does not promote or condone any type of cheat that allows an advantage over other players in a multiplayer environment such as aim-bots or trainers that give an unfair advantage. To that end, we will not post such cheats on this site.

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for Ghost Recon, posted on 12/23/2001 by Zoob

Cheats must be typed into the game console. To activate the console, press the enter key on your num pad, and when done entering the cheats you want, hit ESC to remove the console window:

Superman - enables invincibility
TeamSuperman - enables team invincibility
Shadow - enables invisibility
TeamShadow - enables team invisibility
run - Increases your running speed by 10
ammo - unlimited ammo
refill - refills entire inventory
autowin - automatically completes mission
quit - exits Ghost Recon
kit - changes your kit to the file you specify
tracers - toggles display of tracers
teleport - teleports you to the specified position in the world
god - unknown (appears to take values that are multiples of 2 and throws you real high in the sky and sets the ground on fire)
extremepaintball - Paintball Mode
cisco - Achieves objectives one at a time, "sic 'em boy"
chickenrun - Unkown ("Jeff loves chicken!")
boom - Shakes your screen
ToggleShowPerfCounters - toggles performance counters
ToggleShowFrameRate - toggles frame rate
ToggleShowTotalStats - toggles total stats
ToggleShowLevelStats - toggles level stats
ToggleShowActorStats - toggles actor stats
ToggleShowInterfaceStats - toggles interface stats
ToggleShowEffectsStats - toggles effect stats
ToggleShowTextureMemoryStats - toggles texture memory stats
ToggleShowSystemMemoryStats - toggles system memory stats
ToggleAI - toggles AI